Used Tire Service
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For used tire service in Roanoke, VA, contact Guarantee Used Tires. One common thing among all drivers is reliance on their tires to get them from point A to point B. Roanoke, VA, is subject to some intense weather sometimes, and high-quality tires are essential to prevent sliding and hydroplaning. However, tires are not cheap. Because of this, Guarantee Used Tires is proud to help Vinton, VA, Bonack, VA, and Salem, VA, save money.

We offer an extensive array of used tires from top tire manufacturers. These brands include Uniroyal, Bridgestone, Michelin, and more to our customers at a fraction of the price of new tires. If your wheels could use some updating, call Guarantee Used Tires at (540) 512-9911 today.

We Are Proud to Offer Customers Mounting and Balancing Work

We are more than a used tire shop; we also offer full-service tire service to get you on your way. In addition to tires, we also offer mounting and balancing services to our customers. An excellent tire will last longer when properly installed.

Our team goes the extra mile to provide every customer with high-quality tires they can drive away on. As part of our quality customer service promise, we will go above and beyond the call of duty. Our customers mean a lot to us, and we strive to serve them in the best way possible.

Trust Guarantee Used Tires for High-Quality Tire Service in Roanoke, VA

There is no reason to be nervous about buying used tires in Roanoke, VA. Guarantee Used Tires takes care of everything for you, from mounting to choosing the right tires for your car. Our tires are all lightly used and have a reasonable amount of tread left.

They should last you for years after installation (in most cases, depending on driving habits). We guarantee the safety of all of our used tires and only sell tires from reputable manufacturers.

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